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  • How Much Does a Hedgehog Cost Monthly

    How Much Does a Hedgehog Cost Monthly in 2024?

    Caring for a hedgehog is not just about giving them cuddles and watching them roll into a ball. The monthly check on your wallet might make you do a double-take too! On average, hedgehogs can cost between $40 to $80 a month, covering everything from bedding to midnight snacks. Stick around to discover the nitty-gritty…

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  • Can Hedgehogs Die From Stress

    Can Hedgehogs Die From Stress? 10 Shocking Truths! [2024]

    Have you ever wondered if your spiky friend can get overwhelmed by stress? Like many creatures, Hedgehogs are not immune to the heavy weight of anxiety. This article dives into the signs of distress and the potential health risks that can arise for hedgehogs dealing with stress. Discover how to keep your hedgehog happy and healthy—read on! Signs of Stress in…

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  • Do Hedgehogs Need A Heat Lamp

    Do Hedgehogs Need A Heat Lamp? Find Out Here Why Need

    Caring for a pet hedgehog involves more than love and attention; it’s also about ensuring their safe and comfortable environment. Many owners wonder if the cozy critters need an extra heat source, especially during colder months. This article takes you through the ins and outs of maintaining the perfect temperature for your spiky pal so they stay healthy and content. We’ve got some…

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  • hedgehog care guide

    Hedgehog Care Guide: Expert Tips and FAQs Revealed 2024

    Our guide offers you essential tips and insights about diet, habitat, health; everything needed to keep your spikey friend happy and thriving. Let’s dive into a world of hedgehog care guide – it’s simpler than you think! Hedgehog Species Overview Delving into the diverse world of hedgehogs, we uncover an array of species each with their unique set of…

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